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CGI Resource Index | acc subscribe v1.4 mailing list manager and form processing script

Acc Subscribe v1.4

Acc Subscribe is an intelligent website mailing software suitable for any website that allows you manage and automate your newsletters, customers mailing lists, back-end sale offers etc. With simple and tight integration, you will quickly see and increase your site's traffic and revenue with an effective campaign through opt-in subscriptions. It combines powerful marketing and relationship tools with advanced personalization and tracking. Script can be easily integrated into your site - You can use any form you like to subscribe users on your mailing lists. Unlimited mailing lists can be created. Supports scheduled newsletters. No timeouts - all critical tasks run in background. Supports unlimited number of attaches, unlimited templates, no size limit, possibility to personalize emails for each user, advanced export and import feature. Easy form creator wizard.
The Acc Subscribe provides a solution with far more flexibility and power than any other product on the markey for such an affordable price.

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See demo in action here:

    Some ways to subscribe:
  • Click here - A sample form to subscribe
  • Click here - Subscribe when register an account at forum, shop or other systems

Acc Subscribe v1.4 provides the following features:

    Mailing list features:
  • A very nice and easy to install script. No more editing text files, everything is controlled from the web.
  • Unlimited mailing lists -[more]-
  • Unlimited subscribers - Store hundreds thousands of subscribers. -[more]-
  • Defines visiter's country
  • Undelivered e-mails stats
  • Open e-mails stats /how many letters has been read/
  • Automatic sending of messages accourdeng to the schedule. -[more]-
  • No time-out problems even with huge lists. Powered by a MySQL database allowing MASSIVE mailing lists to operate with hight speed. All time out operations made in background. -[more]-
  • Automated subscribe/unsubscribe. Subscribe/unsubscribe to several lists the same time. -[more]-
  • Possible set double opt-in option for your subscriptions -[more]-
  • Time schedule, you can set the date and time for your newsletter to be sent at
  • An ability to send attached html or files from web -[more]-
  • Multi admin system -[more]-
  • Allows to set an expiration date for sub-admins
  • Subscribe form to different subscriptions can be made with <select>, <radio>, <checkbox> tags.
  • Tracks subscription and unsubscription dates of your subscribers.
  • Copy / Move subscribers to other subscriptions. -[more]-
  • Ability to confirm your subscriber's data -[more]-
  • Possible to notify admin when import / export / buld sending is completed.
  • Allows to add additional header to your newsletters.
  • Allows to use random string in your newsletters.
  • Expiration date for subscribers can be set. -[more]-
  • You can create unlimited groups of your subscribers and manage those groups. -[more]-
  • Automatic subscription of users that send letter to your e-mail address -[more]-
  • Possible to set date and time for your bulk sending -[more]-
  • Search feature -[more]-
  • Automatic and manual add/edit/delete subscribers.
  • Direct unsubscribe link. This is a very convenient and powerful feature. Email sent can include the link that is specifically generated for each individual. All the subscriber has to do is click the link or paste the link into their browser. It will unsubscribe them automatically. -[more]-
  • HTML messages are supported. -[more]-
  • Supports attachments.-[more]-
  • Unlimited quantity of htmls and files for attaching. -[more]-
  • Test Newsletter - Sends a copy of the current issue to your email address to test its appearance.
  • The shared directory with htmls and files for all mailing lists.
  • Unlimited templates of the messages for each mailing list.
  • Usage of specials templates in a body or subject of the message.
  • Usage of specials templates in a html attache of the message.
  • Customisable Headers and Footers. In addition, or instead of the template, you can choose a custom header and footer to aid in customizing the look.
  • No size limit for the message sent.
  • Personalization - Customize your messages by including the subscriber's name, email, address, phone, subscription date, ip and more.-[more]-
  • Each message departs to the subscriber individually. -[more]-
  • Saving of dispatch parameters for the subsequent dispatch at any time.
  • Automatic subscription and unsubscription of email addresses.
  • Background messages sending.
  • Advanced export feature. -[more]-
  • Export in html, text, csv(excel) formats. No size limit. No time-outs with huge lists! -[more]-
  • Easy import of current opt-in list.
  • Export of the subscriber and unsubscriber lists.
  • Import from existing file or database.
  • Viewable List - allow to easily view the entire email list online.
  • Full stats - Full mailing list stats in the admin section.
  • No ads!
    Form processing features:
  • Easy form creator wizard.
  • Saves all fields from posted form.
  • Allows to view all saved fields.
  • Easy to integrate into any form.
  • Send the message to the admin when the form is processed if needed.
  • Send notice to user if needed.
  • Transparent gateway - Saves form and POST or GET it to any other script. Does't not kill cookies and not replace user's IP address!
    Other features:
  • 100% Template bases design - No hacking or editing of perl code, simply edit the html template files to change the look and feel of html. All HTML templates are outside the code of script and you can edit them.
  • Pretty administrative interface.
  • Password protected Administration area.
  • User friendly administrative interface.
  • Easy web based administration, all management is done through your browser.
  • Quick in work.
  • Fast control.
  • Low cost. The combination of price, features, and performance are the best in the current market.
  • Lifetime support.
  • Totally free professional installation.
  • And many others!


Some examples of Acc Subscribe use:

  • Sales Tool. Use it as a sales tool. Write multiple automated E-mail follow-ups to sell your products or services automatically, 24hrs a day, 365days a year!
  • After Sales Service. Follow-Up with your customers after closing a sale to make sure they're happy with what they have purchased. You can also use this technique to inform them of any new products, services or special deals that available.
  • Up-Selling. Entice customers who purchased basic packages from you, to upgrade to ones with more features or facilities, by sending them a series of up-sell messages.
  • Educational Program. This script can send a series of tutorials or reports to your subscribers on a frequent basis, determined by you. A great way to increase sales and traffic.
  • E-Zine and newsletter delivery. Acc Subscribe sends periodic EZines and newsletters while automatically accepting and removing registrations.
  • MLM / Associates Programs. Use Acc Subscribe in any MLM / Associates program to give your down-line members a powerful tool in their sales arsenal.
  • Post Sales Confirmation. If your product isn't an instant delivery product or is "pricey", use the autoresponder to avoid buyer's remorse.
  • Send your news page.
  • And many other!

Some our last customers:


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System Requirements:

  • Perl 5.005 or higher
  • UNIX or Linux based server
  • CGI Access
  • crontab (for schedule feature)
  • MySQL Database
See Screenshots:
Subscriptions list
Subscribers list
Managing attaches and templates
Forms wizard
Form code
Bulk e-mail
Create newsletter
Bulk send (presend screen)
Import screen
Export screen
Admin access logs


  • Copy files to your cgi-bin directory
  • Then install the execution rights (755 or rwx-rx-rx)
  • Run install.cgi (by typping in your browser http://your_server_name/cgi-bin/install.cgi)
  • Setup crontab (for schedule feature)
  • Or our specialists will install it for you totally free!

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And get 10% discount to other products.

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