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Ad Master v2.3.5

Ad Master is a professional banner advertisement package which helps you optimize your banner campaigns. It provides the comprehensive and convenient way to control banners and campaigns.
Ad Master is the best solution for site owners, who would like to make money by selling banner space on their web sites.
Also this package is developed for webmasters, who pay for advertising campaigns.
Multiple campaigns can be created.
This allows you to organize your banners rotations with easy.
Multiply users system allows you to provide an access to another webmasters!
The Ad Master provides a solution with far more flexibility and power than any other at a price you can afford.

See demo in action here:

Ad Master v2.3.5 provides the following features:
  • Weight function - you can specify which banners will be shown more than others. new
  • Possible rotate banners without refreshing page. new
  • Log IP - you can see which IP saw and clicked your banners. new
  • Possible send statistics on e-mail. new
  • Very nice and very easy to install script for changing banners on your pages. No more editing text files, everything is controlled from the web.
  • Support many banner types. GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, Flash, MOV, Text and Html formats.
  • Supports advertising campaigns or zones.
  • Supports 4 levels of users (administrator, campaign administrator, banner administrator and stat user).
  • You can With the JavaScript call code distribute links to the banners to other webmasters so they can display your banners on their website.
  • Powerful, fast real-time statistics. Program keeps ads statistics and generates reports.
  • Multiple banners per campaign or zone(unlimited).
  • Create unlimited banners and campaigns or zones
  • Full control on script variables via web form.
  • Support Click/Impression/Date expire. Ads automatically expire after specified amount of days or impressions or clicks through.
  • Support images of different sizes
  • Add/Modify/Delete banner items.
  • Add banner image from URL.
  • Add/Modify/Delete banner campaigns, zones.
  • View click/impression per banner.
  • View clicks/impressions per campaign, zone.
  • Easy to integrate in any site.
  • Available SSI and JavaScript code. You can use both!
  • Template-based design.
  • Advanced anti-caching features.
  • Pretty administrative interface.
  • Automatic rotation of banner ads.
  • Make Contents Dynamic.
  • Password protected Administration area .
  • Central management password required to gain an access.
  • User friendly administrative interface.
  • Anti-cheating system.
  • Administrator Logs.
  • Client stats area.
  • Supports ban IP.
  • Easy web based administration, all management is done through your browser.
  • Each banner can be suspended with the click of a button in the administration area.
  • Compatible with both Windows or Unix based servers.
  • Quick in work.
  • Fast control.
  • Low cost. The combination of price, features, and performance are the best in the current market.
  • Lifetime support.
  • Totally free professional installation
  • And many others!
Some of our customers testimonials:
  • "Your company gets my utmost respect for a beautiful product!!! much continued success. i'll be sure to add you to our links section (once i get it up)". Benjamin Gunter

  • "Great program, keep up the good work. I think this is the best 35.00 I have spent in a long time! Thanks again!" Clay Burton

  • "I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for such a great product. I've tried a few and none have these kind of features for the money your asking.. Your support was above and beyond the call of duty. Excellent Company, excellent product!!!" Troy Godshall

  • "This is the absolute best ad software ever created." Jason

  • "Your service is fantastic and your program seems great." Mark


Some Usages of Ad Master:
  • Sell your website advertising space.
  • Rotate banners, text ads, html ads, dhtml ads or your own content (random tips, jokes, etc.)
  • Track and report the ads of your advertisers on your websites.
  • Track and report the links to your web pages.
  • Track and report the the page views of your pages. Manage and distribute your articles and contents.
  • Hide destination URLs of your links via redirection.
  • Create pages containing random images and random text.
  • Display and manage 'latest news', 'tip of the moment', 'selected testimonials'.
  • And many other!

System Requirements:
  • Perl 5.005 or higher
  • UNIX or Windows based server
  • CGI Access
  • MySQL Database
  • Copy files to your cgi-bin directory.
  • Then install the execution rights (755 or rwx-rx-rx)
  • Run install.cgi (by typping in your browser http://your_server_name/cgi-bin/install.cgi)
  • Or our specialists will install it for you totally free!

Buy now:

  • Cost: $34.95
  • Professional installation
  • Life time support
  • Life time updates
  • 10% discount to our other products.

And get 10% discount to other products.

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