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We are proud to present you tree Ease File Managers Systems: Easy File Manager v2.1 (Pro)

Easy File Manager v2.1 is a package to advanced managing files and folders on your site. This script helps you organize your own file directory. If you need users to upload files on you server in their own directories - this package is for you. It's a cgi script that performs most of the file operations required for web site maintenance. You can create unlimited user accounts in your file directory and quickly manage them. Need to find a file on your host? Our script can find files and directories instead of your ftp manager. Using this File Manager script you can share your server disk space with your clients and setup their possible actions.
The actions supported by the system that you can use as admin and provide to your clients are as follows:

  • Upload multiple files from local computer, from URLs and FTP.
  • Download files or send them to email.
  • Manage web protection for folders using .htaccess.
  • Copy, Move multiple files and folders.
  • Archive multiple files and folders.
  • Extract files and folders from archives.
  • Change system permissions for multiple files and folders.
  • Create new files and folders.
  • Edit existing files.
  • Delete files and folders to RECYCLE BIN and restore files from there.
  • Search files by name and content.
  • View directory tree.
  • Messaging System
  • Administrator can allow or disallow any of this function for any user.
The user management system supports groups of users to simplify the process.
Administrator can set different sets of permissions to any group and then create users just entering the username and password with predefined permissions. Admistrator can allow users to signup to any group and registered users will have predefined permissions. Registration can be done with double opt-in and admin account approving.
We provide you 3 groups: upload users, download users and webmasters to start with, and you can easily add unlimited quantity of groups with different rights.

In addition to managing user actions you can setup the following features:
  • Start date and expiration period for user accounts.
  • Upload and download limit in MB or quantity for user accounts.
  • Exceed user upload and download max file size.
  • Forbid some file extensions or specify the extensions allowed.
  • Specify max upload and download size for every allowed extension.
  • Deny user see full server path to his folder and show only relative path for his home folder.
  • Exceed size of user account.
  • File transfer limitation on Day, Week and Month.

Easy File Manager v2.1 (Pro) supports auto mailing module to mail users when they register, account expires or admin suspends/activates account. All emails can be easily customized and personalized.
Also you can receive mail notifications when user uploads or downloads files.

You can edit user interface and email templates from the admin area.
Upload your file icons that show the specified extensions near the filenames.
System can log any user's actions that you can filter by action type, multiply users and action date.

Click here for the more detailed introduction Easy File Manager v2.1 features >>

It helps you manage your site!

The combination of price, features, and performance are the best in the current market.

See demo in action here:

Easy File Manager v2.1 provides the following features:

  • Simple in install. No more editing text files, everything is controlled from the web.
  • Easy to integrate in your site.
  • Unlimited user accounts.
  • User groups.
  • Your users can work only at own or group direcrory.
  • Disallow user to use only file types from your list.
  • Allow user to use only file types from your list.
  • Limit file size and file types on user account.
  • Upload multiple files.
  • Delete files. Delete single files, or whole directories recursively.
  • Rename/Move files.
  • Create/Edit Text files.
  • Create directories.
  • Archive multiple directories and files.
  • Extract from archives.
  • Change permission to multiple file and directories.
  • Send files to e-mail.
  • Copy files. Copy single files, or whole directories recursively.
  • Search files. You can quickly find files using our built in search feature. Search by filename and file content
  • Download files.
  • Recycle Bin supported.
  • Directory tree.
  • Unix commands interface.
  • Password protected Administration area.
  • Log logins to Administration area.
  • Central management password required to gain access.
  • Easy web based administration, all management is done through your browser.
  • Full control on script variables via web form.
  • Pretty administrative interface.
  • Template-based design.
  • Compatible with Unix based servers.
  • Quick in work.
  • Fast control.
  • Low cost.
  • 100% Template bases - No hacking or editing of perl code, simply edit the html template files to change the look and feel of html shown to the end users.
  • No additional Perl modules required
  • Professional installation is totaly free.
  • And many other!

Some of our customers testimonials:
  • "Installation was very easy - you have given very good instructions. Everything is working perfectly. An excellent package, and very good value! I shall recommend you to others.". Adam Brown

  • "I have recommended their scripts to quite a few of my colleagues and I must add their service is first class. Thanks you for your help. I will keep you informed of how my site develops. I couldn't have done it without you Guys.". Gary J

  • "I searched the internet high and low for a piece of software that would do what I needed, and nothing I saw compared to Easy File Manager Pro. I try one other script that cost 3 times what EFM did and it didn't have 1/10 of the functions. There is nothing you can't do with EFM. There were a few small bugs when first set up, but the support staff very quickly fixed them and got the system running the same day it was reported. If you need a function packed software, get Easy File Manager Pro!" Zaeolos

  • "I want to take this time to compliment HotCGIScripts folks on such a fantastic script. I searched the entire Web looking for a CGI file manager, and yours is by far the best I found, even irregardless of price. Please keep up the good work" James Touchi-Peters, CONK!/Arrow Media

System Requirements:
  • Perl 5.005 or higher.
  • UNIX based server.
  • CGI Access.
  • Crontab (send expiration email only).

  • Step 1. Setup perl path.
    You can skip this step if the path to perl on your system is /usr/bin/perl
    Open install.cgi in a text editor.
    The absolute first line of these file should read #!/usr/bin/perl.
    Change this to #! and then the path to perl. For example, if the path to perl is /blah/directory/perl, you'd make the first line #!/blah/directory/perl.

  • Step 2. Copy install.cgi in TEXT mode and install.dat in BINARY mode to folder where CGI is allowed and you want to install system (ex. 'cgi-bin/efm21').
    All of these files *must* be in the same directory.
    Set the permissions for install.cgi to 755 (rwx-rx-rx).

  • Step 3. - Install Easy File Manager v2.1
    Open in your web-browser: install.cgi (by typping in your browser http://your_server_name/cgi-bin/efm21/install.cgi), and follow the instructions.

  • Step 4. That's it!
Or our specialists will install it for you totally free!

Buy now:

  • Cost: $44.95
  • Free Professional installation
  • Free Live time support
  • Free Live time updates
  • 10% discount to our other products.

Compare Easy File Manager v2.1 with our major competitor FileMan:

Program Features Easy File Manager v2.1 FileMan
  Auto Installer
  System Calls
  Run on Unix
  Run on Windows
  Admin Area Features    
  User Management
  Approve Users
  Groups Management
  Files Management
  Customizable User Actions
  Disallow extensions
  Allow extensions
  Size limit for extensions
  Jailed Directories
  User Space Limits
  Download Size Limits
  Download Limits
  Download Limits in periods
  Upload Size Limits
  Upload Limits
  Upload Limits
  Upload Limits in periods
  Users Logs
  Edit User Area Layout
  Users Area Features    
  User Registration
  Notification E-mails
  HTML Editor
  File Search
  Search and Replace
  File Upload
  Multiple File Upload
  Upload from URL
  Upload form FTP
  Download File
  Multiple File Download
  Download File by E-Mail
  Copy files and folders
  Move files and folders
  Delete files and folders
  Recycle bin
  Restore files
  Change Permissions
  Tail (View last file strings)
  Diff (compare files)
  Tar Archive
  GZip Compression
  Extract form Archive
  System Commands
  Password Protect Directories
  Internal Messaging System
  Free Installation
  Price per License $44.95 $120.00

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