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CGI Resource Index | easy search system v1.1 add advanced search to your site!

Easy Search System v1.1

Easy Search System is a powerful, customizable and effective site indexing/searching script. Index your website over cgi, php, asp and any webpages. It collect meta description, meta keywords, titles, page content and link texts from all pages on your site. You could define power of all this page parts to create search the most powerful. Customize search results and "Not found" pages. Edit stop words. Search with parts of site. Show in statistics the most searchable keywords and not found keywords. You can create page's groups. Index groups of your site every day, week or month automatically. Define rules to automatically add pages to groups or ignore files and directories. It shows dead links into your site and links to dead sites. You can see internal and EXTERNAL out and in links for every indexed page with Easy Search System script.

    Could index several sites into one database and your users can search all your sites from one form. Or search only parts of your site. You could create several search forms to search any of you site parts.

    You can search for one or more terms at the same time. You may input single words and phrases as search terms at the same time. Phrases are enclosed inside quotes - as known from world wide search engines like in Google. Terms can be combined by logical operators: the sign "+" marks a term as forced (it must be present); the sign "-" marks a term as forbidden (it must not be present) Possibility to automatically mark all unsigned terms as forced (by activating the checkbox "+" near the input field)

    The Easy Search System provides a solution with far more flexibility and power than any other at a price you can afford.
Take a lesson how use Easy Search System:

Click here for the introduction

Test Easy Search System v1.1 in search our site:
- All words and phrases Only
- Case Sensitive
- Whole Words Only

Easy Search System v1.1 provides the following features:
  • List all indexed pages with status and internal and exteranl links.
  • Customise list of searchable pages.
  • Create rules to exclude not required pages on indexing step.
  • Create rules to put pages in to groups.
  • Several domains could be indexed.
  • Scheduling indexing.
  • Indexing stats.
  • Search keywords stats.
  • Customizeble template based layout.
  • Very nice and very easy to install script for changing banners on your pages. No more editing text files, everything is controlled from the web.
  • Powerful, fast real-time statistics. Program keeps search statistics and generates reports.
  • Full control on script variables via web form.
  • Easy to integrate in any site.
  • Pretty administrative interface.
  • Password protected Administration area .
  • User friendly administrative interface.
  • Administrator Logs.
  • Easy web based administration, all management is done through your browser.
  • Compatible Unix based servers.
  • Quick in work.
  • Fast control.
  • Low cost. The combination of price, features, and performance are the best in the current market.
  • Lifetime support.
  • Totally free professional installation
  • And many others!
Some Usages of Easy Search:
  • helps your customers quickly find information on your site / sites
  • check your site for dead / bad links
  • check external resources for link to your site / sites
  • easy way to know what your customers search on your site / sites
  • And many other!

And get 10% discount on other products.

System Requirements:
  • Perl 5.005 or higher
  • UNIX or Linux based server
  • CGI Access
  • MySQL Database
  • Crontab for automatic indexing site (you could start indexing manually)
See Screenshots:
Indexed Pages List
Internal Out Links

External Out Links
Indexing Settings
Search Settings
Keywords Stats

  • Copy all files and dirs (except "i" folder) files to your cgi-bin directory.
  • Then install the execution rights (755 or rwx-rx-rx) on admin.cgi, index.cgi, signup.cgi and install.cgi
  • Copy "i" folder into your httpdocs directory.
  • Run install.cgi (by typping in your browser http://your_server_name/cgi-bin/install.cgi) and follow instractions
  • Or our specialists will install it for you totally free!

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  • Live time support
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  • 10% discount to our other products.

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Lifetime technical support is available via email. If you have any problems using Easy Search System please send us your detailed comments, suggestions, questions. We appreciate every our customer and provide replies as soon as possible.

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